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    Non-surgical pain management methods are at the core of how we contribute to and support your recovery.

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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

This type of ultrasound is used for evaluating muscles, tendons, and ligaments associated with various joints. The advantages of using ultrasound include a comparable… Read More »

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Regenerative Injection Techniques

The basis of RIT involves stimulating the healing of muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries that have not improved with traditional approaches such as physical therapy… Read More »


Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

OMM is a treatment commonly used for patients who have strained their back either playing sports or at work, or have been involved in a “whiplash” injury… Read More »

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Google Reviews

Sarah WinslowSarah Winslow

21:41 01 Dec 23
Dr. Paul Johnson is extraordinary! I’m grateful to have been referred to him. He took the time to listen to my concerns and ensured that I fully understood the care plan and next action steps moving forward. He could teach other practitioners how to take the necessary time with patients and actually listen to the patients concerns. His staff member Sasha did an exceptional job as well! Great job Dr. Johnson & Sasha! Thank you both! #amazing #couldteachcoursesonbedsidemanner

Stana MedinaStana Medina

22:45 14 Nov 23
highly professional and great attention to the issue and it’s cause

Lynn KreuzLynn Kreuz

15:45 13 Nov 23
Dr. Johnson was very thorough. He manipulated both my knees allowing me to feel the slight difference. He used ultrasound to confirm my knee showed nothing abnormal. I liked the way he discussed and explained my knee concerns using ultra sound images and a model of a knee. He welcomed any questions I had. He was just the Doctor I was hoping for!

Sarah GarlandSarah Garland

13:37 17 Oct 23
Quick, but thorough. Went in for acute pain in my neck and shoulders, within 3 sessions the pain was gone.

JustJudi JJB345JustJudi JJB345

02:50 05 Oct 23
Dr. Johnson has helped me in multiple ways over the years. I’ve had frozen shoulder & issues with my back. I’m building muscle again in my 50’s and doing all the sports I like to do without pain. He is very smart, kind and professional. Our entire family had seen him. I trust him completely.

Aurora LeeAurora Lee

20:23 21 Sep 23
Dr. Johnson found the source of my pain and gave me a plan to remedy it. I look forward to this plan and becoming pain free.

Jennifer BridgesJennifer Bridges

14:40 13 Sep 23
The first doctor I’ve been to in many years who really understands my Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome (EDS) condition and worked with me right away to find techniques to help fight my pain and give me more joint stability. Thank you!

Hassan El ZeinHassan El Zein

20:59 31 Aug 23
Dr. Johnson is the best, and I can’t recommend working with him enough!For backstory, I’m active athletically and was lifting, swimming, and training in martial arts (Muay Thai / Jiu Jitsu) multiple times a week, but tore my trapezius about a year ago.After recovering over a 4-5 month stretch, I was still unable to return to normal activities as my entire shoulder/neck/upper back region was no longer functioning normally (Shoulder Dyskinesia) and was causing me intense pain.Over the past 2-3 months I’ve been working with Dr. Johnson to fix that region, and although I’m yet to return to my full normal workload, I can now do overhead lifts with no pain and my quality of life has improved substantially.Can’t recommend him enough if you’re dealing with something similar, and will be eternally thankful for his help

Trang SumpterTrang Sumpter

23:41 30 Aug 23
Dr. Johnson is a wonderful doctor. He took his time listening to my concerns and patiently answered my questions. He was open to other alternatives and was able to get me in quickly. And he has a sense of humor!

Joe TexeiraJoe Texeira

03:24 22 Aug 23
I had wonderful experience with the doctor! I highly recommend Dr. Johnson and his staff for any further appointments! Enjoyed teleconference. Looking forward to our next meeting. 🙂


23:55 21 Aug 23
Dr. Johnson is very knowledgeable about alternative procedures to possibly avoid surgery. About a year ago I had PRP treatments done by him I’m very happy with the outcome and thrilled to be out of pain everytime I sit down. Now we are discussing how to address my torn rotator cuff with stem cell treatment.

Daryl ZitoDaryl Zito

15:30 10 Aug 23
Dr. Johnson and Sasha are very welcoming, and the check in process was a breeze. The doctor performed a thorough exam, explaining everything to me as we went along. I was given options for my treatment plan, and supported in what I wanted to do. Dr. Johnson is so personable, and I learned a lot in that initial consultation. I am grateful to have someone so knowledgeable managing my care for the longevity of my musculoskeletal system.


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