I had low back pain for 12 years after a car accident and other injuries. I tried chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy… you name it, I’ve tried it. I did not get relief until receiving prolotherapy treatments from Dr Johnson. Thanks to him for helping me get my life back.”

—S.H. from Vancouver, WA

I was referred to Dr Johnson by a specialist, who told me that Dr Johnson is good at handling really tough cases. Well… that’s me. For the past six years, I’ve had trouble sitting in a chair or driving a car due to a painful tailbone problem. Prior to seeing him, I received chiropractic care and physical therapy, and have seen a number of competent and caring doctors, going through procedures at three different hospitals. And still, there was no change in my condition. Since being treated by Dr Johnson with osteopathic manipulation, I’m virtually pain free. In fact, I am sitting comfortably as I write this testimonial!”

—A.K. from Vancouver, WA 

I had a rotator cuff issue in my shoulder that required surgery to repair the torn tendons. Post surgery, I still had pain even with all the physical therapy afterwards. When Dr Johnson did the PRP injections into my shoulder, I was pain free only a few weeks later.”

—G.L. from Portland, OR

As an athlete and a busy mom of three very active boys, I really appreciate Dr. Johnson’s candor and skill. He impresses me with his ‘up-to-date’ knowledge and practices, yet he completely shows genuine concern for making his patients better ASAP! You Rock Doc!”

—D.S. from Portland, OR

Back in 1986, I had a serious car accident. When I woke up before the paramedics arrived, I was lying face-down on the roof of my car – it felt like a steel rod had been thrust through my torso. After years of seeing other doctors and specialists, I was getting the same answer: my injury was soft tissue damage and it would heal in time. The pain did decrease but never went away. After too many years of constant pain, my primary care physician told me that he knew of a doctor who was working with a procedure that might be able to help.

In 2009, I decided to see Dr. Johnson who explained how prolotherapy worked and how it might help. After three treatments, I was feeling less pain. After 6 treatments, the pain was almost completely gone. After 2 more treatments, the pain was gone. I have needed some follow-up visits on occasion, once a year if that.  I am confident that the only reason I am pain free and have more range of motion than I have had in years is because of Dr. Johnson’s diagnosis and sound medical care.

Not only did he help create a pain-free life, Dr. Johnson is a person with a great bedside manner, a healthy sense of humor, and has a fun and genuinely caring personality. Since then, I have used Dr. Johnson’s medical care for other injuries… with great results. He is certainly a doctor whom I can depend on.”

—J.K. from Portland, OR